CYGNET ENERGY AND POWER ASIA, INC. (Cygnet Energy) was incorporated in February, 2011. The company’s vision was to provide alternatives in energy efficiency within the Philippines by forging exclusive collaborations with globally reputable energy-efficiency technology and service providers. These technologies have found utmost relevance in this country which yields one of the highest costs per KWH in the world, yet finds limited alternatives to making energy consumption highly efficient. Having little or undesirable alternatives to energy efficiency, the benefits could not be fully taken advantage of and notice has also been small compared to countries that, to date, have realized the full potentials of these technologies and is made a standard for any business. The Philippines should not be any different. The company brings to the market proven energy-reduction solutions paving the way to making energy efficiency technology less “exclusive” to large enterprises. Demand for power continues to escalate as commerce and business continue to thrive and increase in production and operation. Regardless of scale, the energy efficiency solution should be integrated into every industrial, commercial and domestic sector. Cygnet Energy’s portfolio includes advanced revenue meters and innovative metering solutions for electricity, gas and water now making secured meter reading remotely accessible to the client. Cygnet Energy is your partner in bringing efficiency at your fingertips.


• To expand our portfolio on energy efficiency and management thru complementing technologies from globally reputable partners for both hardware and software;

• To become the preferred partner of the carrier of these technologies as well as the preferred provider of the end-users through programs and services where their interests are always the paramount consideration;

• To provide clients reasonable turn-key solutions;

• To provide innovative measures and become invaluable partners to our customers.

• To educate them on the importance of these technologies as up-to-date instruments, gears, software continue to shape the energy efficiency industry.

• To promote a corporate culture that places a high value on respect, due acknowledgement and trust on each Cygnet Energy associates, ensuring that the culture translates to value-added services to our clients.


• To be the leader in providing cutting edge technology on efficiency for each segment of electricity, water and gas sector.



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